Monday, December 9

we want to do semi road trip to hellfest 2014, that wont be possible without YOU guys!

First of all, thank you for visiting this blog, and if everything goes right, i will do trip journal from this event, and i can promise there will be some laughing moments in our adventure.
So here is the story what needs to be told before this trip is even possible.

i am 37y old heavy metal fan from scandinavia, my soon to be wife or me have not ever seen any performers live that are partisipating in this awesome event.
We live at rent in very small apartment, and we don`t have money to do this trip without generous people of the world. we have tried to visit in some events but always there is something to do with money and we cant make it. so please make 1 happy couple, EVEN more happier!
therefor i ask, YOU, to go and fill 1 short survey that takes under minute of your time and it will take me 1 step closer to visit there!
or if you want to donate something for our travel cashbox:
for paypal, you can set your own amount, but please remember those fees ^^