Monday, December 9

info about hellfest

Hellfest was an American metal music festival. Named for the intense summer heat at the show, the festival originally began featuring hardcore bands before crossing into several genres later on. Hellfest was known for its fan-friendly atmosphere, (including a lack of barriers, providing easy access to the stage for stage diving) and for its high social-awareness, focusing on such causes as animal rights, with many attendees following the straight edge and/or vegan lifestyle. It continued as an annual event until it was cancelled in 2005. After its cancellation less than thirty-six hours before doors were scheduled to open on the festival's ninth year, some fans, unhappy with the inadequate processing of refunds, filed small claims court lawsuits against promoter Keith Allen
In its ninth season in 2005 (which was cancelled), Hellfest was to feature independent hardcore, metal and punk rock bands on three different stages. However, discrepancies between Paper Street Music (Hellfest's organizer and promoter) and the venue caused the fest to be cancelled at the last minute. A number of the bands originally scheduled for Hellfest planned last-minute alternative shows that weekend in the Tri-State Region in the wake of the festival's cancellation.